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3-Day Detox Juice Cleanse - DetoxBox N°3

3-Day Detox Juice Cleanse – DetoxBox N°3

In our opinion, the 3-day juice cure is the best juice cure to get acquainted with detoxification. The manual and the box – with 100% fresh fruit juices – will guide you through the 3-day detox. 

3 Days detox
Do you want to reset your body and head? Give your bowels a rest and a step towards a healthy and varied diet?
With this 3-day juice cure you will become the best version of yourself.


Bij je Vita Box ontvang je extra informatie en een tijdsplanning. De tijden van inname van de sappen en shots staan weergegeven voor de beste opname

  1. Detox juice cleanse

    The DetoxBox juice cure is made of vegetables and fruit. The 3-day DetoxBox consists of 27 different juices and shots.
    Unlike our Veggie Cleanse Box, the DetoxBox has a slightly sweeter taste due to the higher percentage of fruit.
    This juice cure is focused on a complete detox where you give your body a rest, so to speak.
    Because juices do not contain any fibres, the nutrients are absorbed directly into the body.
    You get several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and no pollutants.
    This gives you energy and mental well-being is also boosted.
    You create awareness in yourself and it is also the ideal way to continue a healthy lifestyle. 

  2. Order detox juice cleanse

    Our juices are numbered and the detox cure 3 days contains a detox schedule with fixed times
    when you can consume the juices. Thinking about food is no longer necessary during the 3 day juice fast.
    Break through your unhealthy eating pattern and become the best version of yourself.
    The freshly cold pressed juices, made from 100 percent natural products, can be ordered online at 7 days a week. 

Try it out!

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  • This choice is ideal for intermediate users.
  • This product is sweet, thus more accessible.
  • 9 different juices and shots in this box
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Box contents
  • 3x
    Green Sweetness Nº2
    Concombre, Epinards & Pomme
    75 kcal
  • 3x
    Mango Django Nº3
    Mangue, Carotte & Pomme
    120 kcal
  • 3x
    Green Freshness Nº5
    Pomme, Épinards & Céleri
    103 kcal
  • 3x
    Rabbit Nº6
    Orange, Carotte & Gingembre
    95 kcal
  • 3x
    Yellow Machine Nº8
    Jus de Citron
    20 kcal
  • 3x
    Just Beat It Nº9
    Carottes, Betterave & Grenade
    123 kcal
  • 3x
    Kick It Nº1
    Shot de Curcuma ShotBox
    24 kcal
  • 3x
    GingerO Nº4
    Gingembre Ginger Shotbox
    24 kcal
  • 3x
    Passion Nº7
    Shot de Grenade shotbox
    31 kcal
What's in the Box?

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Flavor profile

Sweet and Accessible
Our sweet juices contain an abundance of fresh fruit, giving them a natural and enticing sweetness. Ideal for those seeking an accessible and irresistibly delicious experience. These juices are a perfect choice for both juice enthusiasts and newcomers, thanks to their inviting sweetness and refreshing flavors.
Taste profile

Fruit-vegetable ratio

36% Vegetables
Nutritious Vegetables
The vegetables in our juices are chosen for their vitamins and minerals, essential for a balanced diet. A delicious way to get your daily serving of vegetables.
64% Fruit
Flavorful Fruit
Our juices contain a carefully selected mix of fruit to enrich your day with natural sugars and essential nutrients. Perfect for a tasty, healthy boost at any time.

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