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Veggie Cleanse Box
7 days

7-Day Veggie Juice Cleanse - Veggie Cleanse Box N°7

7-Day Veggie Juice Cleanse – Veggie Cleanse Box N°7

The 7-day detox juice cure is for those who are already experienced. Thanks to the high percentage of vegetables, you can turn your juice treatment into a very successful detox week. The enclosed 7-day detox programme is a good guide during the week. 

7-day vegetable detox

Are you thinking of detoxing for a week? Have you cleared yourself for a period of time where you want to create peace in your mind and body? Then you are ready for our 7-day Veggie Cleanse Box. This is a carefully compiled box containing 42 vegetable juices, 21 shots and a manual with time schedule.

Veggie Cleanse Box

With this vegetable juice cure, building up and breaking down your current diet is super important. Your body cleanses itself every moment of the day. But it is not wrong to give your body a helping hand and stimulate it through a detox. The box can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Veggie Cleanse Box consists of juices based on vegetables. This means lots of nutrients and few carbohydrates. We would like to point out that a 7-day box is only suitable for people who are familiar with drinking vegetable juices and detoxing.

Order Veggie Cleanse Box 

Have you finished the 7-day treatment? Then you can give yourself a huge compliment. Not everyone can do a week-long juice fast. Afterwards, build up your regular food again, carefully and moderately, and keep the regularity of small portions as a basis. We are very curious to see how you will experience this form of resetting. 

Try it out!

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  • This product is spicy, thus more challenging.
  • 8 different juices and shots in this box
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7 days
Veggie Cleanse Box
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Box contents
  • 7x
    Popeye Nº2
    Jus de Chou Kale, Épinards & Gingembre
    63 kcal
  • 7x
    CarryOn Nº3
    Carotte, Concombre & Céleri
    53 kcal
  • 7x
    Green Machine Nº6
    Jus de Épinards, Concombre & Céleri
    60 kcal
  • 7x
    Yellow Machine Nº8
    Jus de Citron
    20 kcal
  • 7x
    Red machine Nº9
    Betterave, Panais & Gingembre
    103 kcal
  • 7x
    Kick It Nº1
    Shot de Curcuma ShotBox
    24 kcal
  • 7x
    GingerO Nº4
    Gingembre Ginger Shotbox
    24 kcal
  • 7x
    Passion Nº7
    Shot de Grenade shotbox
    31 kcal
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